Biography of Bill Thetford

In this comprehensive biography, the firsthand accounts of more than thirty friends—including the author—chronicle the life and spiritual journey of Bill Thetford.  As a brilliant and accomplished psychologist, he became one of the world's foremost authorities on how the ego— the sense of personal self—develops, then served as a conduit for A Course In Miracles, which provides a way to be free of limiting and self-serving identification.  

Bill's life was not an easy one; his early childhood included the untimely death of a beloved older sister, followed shortly thereafter by his own serious illness that kept him bedridden for three years.

Though he excelled academically and was recognized early on for brilliance and determination unusual for his age, he also carried forward a heavy burden of "survivor's guilt" over his sister's death and distress over what he interpreted as his father's lack of interest in him.  

Not only his career path as he moves from one leading-edge institution to another, but his inner life, is here revealed to an extent not found anywhere else.  Bill steadily shifted his attitude, released his own grievances and judgments, and ended his life in a state of great joy and inner peace.  Bill's story is a spell-binding tale.  His own path to awakening—his choice to change his mind—provides a proven, timeless, and specific guide anyone can follow to replace fear or upset with grace and peace of mind.


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